Saturday, June 18, 2011

BBC aka Bamber Broadcasting Corporation

When BBC America announced a few months back that they will start airing Battlestar Galactica as part of their "Supernatural Saturdays," more than a few heads were asking "Why?" Enter London-born and very British Jamie Bamber who stars as one of the main characters of said show. Of course, Bamber loses his British accent on the show, so one can hardly tell where he was from.

For their part, BBC America took this and ran with it in marketing the show. They released the following "Secretly British" commercial putting a fun twist to the tenor and plot of the show:

Brilliant right? But then they recently took it further by highlighting how ubiquitous Jamie Bamber really is on the network. He also stars in Outcasts, another sci-fi show part of their "Supernatural Saturday" lineup. Apart from his sci-fi roles, he plays a detective in Law & Order: UK. This led the BBC America to cheekily dub themselves as the Bamber Broadcasting Corporation in this witty commercial:

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