Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Boy: Arthur Darvill

Most of you are probably going "Who the hell is Arthur Darvill?" But Doctor Who fans know he plays Rory Williams, one of only a handful of male companions to accompany The Doctor as he travels through space in time. He has quickly become one of my favorite companions of the show in part due to his amazing chemistry with current Doctor Matt Smith and TV wife Karen Gillan. Plus he is easy on the eyes in that totally adorkable awkward kind of way.

Admittedly his Doctor Who role is his most popular role to date. Apparently he played "Groom" in Russell Crowe's Robin Hood and appeared in a few episodes of British mini-series Little Dorrit. He also makes his own music and is quite comfortable on stage. His next venture will be playing Mephistopheles in Doctor Faustus at the famed Globe Theater in London.

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  1. He's totally amazing as Mephistopheles! Took me halfway through the show to realise who he was thought but this character works so well for him! :)


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