Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SYTYCD: Season 8

My summer guilty pleasure show So You Think You Can Dance is back and hopefully better than ever. The Top 20 is back this season, but after they get down to the top 10, the fan-favorite All-Stars, which made its debut last season, will be back as well. So without further a due, here are the top 20 contestant and my very preliminary thoughts on a few:

[x] Alexander Fost, 21, Contemporary - You could tell he's a ridiculously accomplished dancer, but he is lacking personality which can cost him.
[x] Ashley Rich, 22, Contemporary
[x] Caitlynn Lawson, 18, Contemporary
[x] Chris Koehl, 21, Hip Hop
[x] Clarice Ordaz, 19, Jazz - Not sure why, but I quite like her. I'm hoping she does well.
[x] Iveta Lukosiute, 30, Ballroom - She's damn talented and her determination to be on the show is admirable. Still, she'll need to connect with the audience quickly if she wants to keep up with the younguns.
[x] Jess LeProtto, 18, Broadway - Totally adorable and very energetic. Judges already called him out on his arrogance which is not a good sign, but the audience will love him.
[x] Jordan Casanova, 18, Jazz
[x] Marko Germar, 22, Jazz - He's cute and insanely personable. Plus he has that hook of having a bullet lodge into his shoulder. Come on.
[x] Melanie Moore, 19, Contemporary - She has such a unique look and just some sick moves.
[x] Miranda Maleski, 19, Contemporary
[x] Missy Morelli, 20, Jazz
[x] Mitchell Kelly, 20, Contemporary
[x] Nick Young, 19, Tap - His style puts him at a disadvantage, but if he can keep up with the rest on others, his boy-next-door looks and personality will do him well.
[x] Ricky Jaime, 19, Contempoary - Great lines and wonderful energy and just seem like an all-around nice guy. Also did I mention cute?
[x] Robert Taylor Jr., 31, Hip Hop - He's already an audience favorite, but his enthusiasm might grate on some if he doesn't tone it down or impress early.
[x] Ryan Ramirez, 19, Contemporary - She's a bit all the the place, but if she can tone it down and/or harness that into her dancing, she could surprise. She almost made it in last year.
[x] Sasha Mallory, 23, Contemporary - With her dynamnic dance style and personality, she's a bonifide audience favorite. It helps that her relationship with her sister was featured lots pre-Hollywood.
[x] Tadd Gadduang, 25, Hip Hop - I'd probably like him more if his hair wasn't so damn distracting!
[x] Wadi Jones, 24, Hip Hop - Probably my favorite hip hopper this year, but I'm going to need to see more.

Whew. Now I don't have any favorites per se, unlike other seasons, but there are a few that I'm hoping prove me right a bit. I also hope that those few who didn't make much of an impact on me, do soon. Their first competition night is tonight and I can't wait!


  1. It's so weird. I watched this show in season 3 and I LOVED, LOVED it - loved Lacey, and Neil and Mia Michaels, Taice and Wade and then the next seasons just sort of felt like a let-down. Cat Deeley is great, though.

  2. I am so addicted to SYTYCD!!! I'm liking where they're going this season so far, although most of my early favorites didn't make the top 20. Bummer. But looking forward to what comes next!!


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