Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do I "Love" These "Crazy Stupid" Posters?

When the trailer for Crazy, Stupid, Love came out a couple months ago, I instantly fell in love with the film and knew I would be counting down impatiently until I had seen it. First of all, the cast is stacked with so many people I love, it's beyond hilarious. Plus for a romantic comedy, this one actually looks a bit smart, which is sadly rare enough.

More recently, the posters for the film were released, and I'm just not sure what I think about it. The graphic above of all the posters, which I got from tumblr, shows the posters a bit more saturated than what they actually are. Either way though, I have mixed feelings. My initial thought is that I liked them, but is the immense pre-love for the film clouding my judgment? Upon further reflection, yes, they're all certainly "fun" and I like the use of the words from the title to inform the images, but there's something about the bubbly background and the images chosen that seem off/unfinished to me.

Whatever, I'll still be seeing the movie opening weekend. Anyone care to judge one way or another?

ETA: I was going to make some joke copycatting Emma Stone's character's line "Seriously, it's like you're Photoshopped!" But I didn't.

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