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TV Report: Weekly Rankings

Last week I said I wouldn't be ranking the TV I saw this week, but I change my mind. Take them with a grain of salt, however, since as I said last week, way too many shows took off this week so the numbers are really there more for me to organize my own thoughts. Just four comedies I write about aired this week with two shows in particular showing off why they're the best sitcoms on TV right now...

1. The Trial of Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation) - After the episode ended I just wanted to hug my closest loved one... aka my television. No, but seriously as a Ben/Leslie shipper this episode felt like Christmas morning. From the very beginning with their hand-holding in Chris' office and then Ben giving Leslie a custom-made Lil' Sebastian doll to their parallel declarations of love made via Ethel the stenographer it was almost too much for my heart to handle. The trial itself took up most of the episode, but that too was done well with Chris putting up just enough fight per his character to pose problems for Leslie who kept holding her own by the help of everyone. The quick Megan Mullaly cameo was also a nice welcome though I wish we could've seen Leslie's mother on the stand.

2. Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism (Community) - Many people think that since the show's hiatus announcement, critics and its fan have started seeing the show in rose-tinted glasses unable to muster up negative comments over a show they like for fear of making things worse for the show. People can believe that, but I don't think it's true in this case. The Shirley/Jeff A-plot was perfection down to the flashbacks of their younger selves and the now classic anime cutaway. The Annie/Troy/Abed was no less humorous with all three young actors showing why this cast is just full of talent. Plus putting those three together almost always works out.

3. Bells (New Girl) - Good episode for Winston as the writers are slowly trying to figure out what to do with this character they were for to conceive after Damon Wayans left them after the pilot. His character is still pretty blank though despite the affinity for bell playing, but it's a move in the right direction. For the most part I enjoyed the interaction between Schmidt and Nick, but it went a little too far at times.

4. Mrs. California (The Office) - To be completely honest, this episode suffered just by airing right after the one-two punch of Community and Parks and Rec. My brain at that point was maxed out by awesomeness that I barely remember what happened here. The cold open with Dwight's refusal to sit was amusing as was Jim's attempt to escape the office when Robert wanted to get his input. I also like Maura Tierney in general as her role of Robert's wife, but the Andy/Robert never-ending awkward stand-off is getting quite tiresome and Dwight's gym B-plot was ridiculous and plain stupid.

It seemed like there were a lot of deaths when it came to the dramas this week. For some that actually meant dead people. For others it just meant death of quality. Read on to find which shows did what...

1. Death's Door (Supernatural) - This season started out well enough and even after my favorite character was killed the show kept me intrigued for a couple more episodes. Then something happened and suddenly it's become who-cares-TV? So I was glad that they delivered one of the best episodes this season for their mid-season finale. It picked off right where we ended last episode with Bobby getting shot in the head. Most of the rest of the episode is spent inside Bobby's mind as he re-lives and navigates several moments of his life while at the same time trying to escape a reaper and trying to get one last message to his boys. Jim Beaver was magnificent throughout, but most especially his interactions with his adopted sons. His final moment with them in the hospital calling them "idjits" and then his final final moment with them, a memory of them watching some TV show, made me tear up like whoa.

2. That Still Small Voice (Once Upon A Time) - This was the first episode that Buffy vet writer Jane Espenson wrote and it was a pretty good one and showed that the show, which I was initially quite down on, is trending up. I was especially touched by the story of Jiminy Cricket ala Archie Hopper especially as it had a rather Grimm feel to it instead of the usual tame Disneyfied version. The moment with the dolls in the cabin freaked me out and his tearful wish to the Blue Fairy made me sob. Plus it seems like he's the only person to make the Henry not seem too grating. I'm still down on the Evil Queen, less because of of Lana Parilla's portrayal of her and more because the writers on this show aren't clear what to do with her and her relationship to the rest of the townsfolk.

3. That's What You Get for Trying to Kill Me (Ringer) - This show finally gets bloody and it's about damn time. I'm a bit sad that Gemma is dead dead since there could've still been plenty of drama between her and the real Siobhan, but I'm not at all sad to see Charlie done and dusted as his character definitely ran his course. Agent Machado also gets his man finally, but knowing how they've handled this part of the storyline, that'll continue to drag. I'm also not at all feeling the whole "my teacher raped me" storyline they've saddled Juliet in. They really should've left that character at boarding school or something. I think this was the mid-season finale and of course the big thing is Siobhan is finally back in New York (also way to do your job Homeland Security!). This show is a mess, but I'll keep watching. Oh and I almost forgot, yay for Amber Benson appearing in a really bit part as a stripper.

4. Now You See Me (Terra Nova) - I could go on a diatribe about what's wrong with this show, but others have already done it for me. The sad thing is this show had lots of potential, but their decision to focus on the Shannon family was a big mistake. I find that I'm more invested in every other character than anyone in this family. For example, there's Skye who I've only liked whenever she wasn't with Josh and now that it's revealed that she's (improbably) the mole all along it just makes her that more interesting. Taylor's feud with his son and Mira's reasoning for working for the Unknown Big Bad are also the kinds of plots and stories I want to see seeing. Too bad the show is more interested in crafting some awful hybrid of a family-friendly yet intriguing sci-fi show. Less family-friendly and more intriguing, please.

5. I Kissed A Girl (Glee) - It's not the worst episode of this show, but it's down there. Yes, Naya Rivera is phenomenal and her scene with her grandmother was duly heartbreaking. But even she can't save the tone-deafness of this episode especially in regards to how they handled the whole Finn/Santana situation from the previous episode. I'm actually NOT a Finn hater, but the way the show propped him up as an almost hero this week for the way he outed Santana was fairly disgusting. And he kept pushing her. I'm sorry priviledged straight white male character, NO. STOP. What the hell are you doing? I'm more disappointed that Santana actually fell for it. And if you needed more proof at how tone-deaf this episode was well just know the title of the episode is clearly based on Katy Perry's song which they performed as some kind of female empowerment anthem. HAHA. Yeah, okay. Don't get me started on Kurt-Rachel forgettable election drama, Puck's ridiculous affair with Shelley, and Sue shitting all over Coach Beiste. Awful all around.

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  1. I actually sort of loathe Finn, but I think essentially everyone is being unfair to him about the whole Santana issue. Some people are sensitive about their sexuality, and some people are sensitive about their weight and maybe the two don't emerge as obvious equals but Santana's was exponentially more mean to Finn than he was to her, and he wasn't even trying to be mean to her (or her out her) he was just calling her out on her duplicity. And, I love Santana.


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