Friday, December 9, 2011

Seeing Double: American Pie

On the left is the poster for the very first American Pie film. Right next to that is the new poster for American Reunion, the fourth (and hopefully last) film in the series coming out next year. Notice something peculiar? Maybe how damn similar they are?

Here's the thing. I actually think this concept is simple and a little bit brilliant. They're already bringing back as many people as they can from the first film to flame the nostalgia factor so why not go all the way in that direction for the marketing as well? Plus it's fun to see how the actors have fared through the years (some better than others). If I had one complaint about the new poster is that you'd think after more than a decade, Photoshopping skills would get better. In this case, they seemed to have actually gotten worse! Were any of these people even in the same room together for this shoot? It even seems like they just re-used poor Nathasha Lyonne's image from the first poster.

I've seen the other three films. Sometimes more than once. It's definitely a guilty pleasure buoyed by my love for Alyson Hannigan who no doubt has had the best career trajectory compared to the rest just for the fact that she has a stable job in a hit sitcom. So I'll be watching this, expecting nothing at all except for them to literally copycat the first film. I'm okay with that.

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  1. I wonder how many takes they needed to get that photo just right.


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