Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birthday Girl: Michelle Dockery

Happy 30th Birthday Michelle Dockery!

Michelle who? Well, if you watch the Emmy winning (and more recently Golden Globe nominated) show Downton Abbey then you would know that she plays the oldest daughter Lady Mary Crawley. Mary is known for being tough as nail and downright abrasive on the outside, but her hidden depths and struggles make her one of the most complicated and interesting character on the show. Her rocky (and epic) romance with Matthew Crawley, played by the equally pretty and talented Dan Stevens, is one of my favorite elements on the show, but her character is fabulous all on her own as well.

Now I've only seen Dockery on this one show, unless you count her 1 or 2-minute scene in this year's Hanna playing Cate Blanchett's double who meets an untimely end in the hands of Saoirse Ronan, so I hope she starts appearing in more things soon. She did seem to impress Hanna director Joe Wright enough for her to appear in his next film Anna Karenina, but unfortunately she's not playing the lead role. Hollywood, give her something!

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