Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oscars Go For Two Hosts

I wonder what Meryl Streep has to say about this.

Her It's Complicated co-stars, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, have been tapped to co-host the next Academy Awards. This will be the first time Baldwin will be hosting while this will be the third time for Martin. It'll be interesting to see the dynamics of having two hosts, but for these two I think they will play off each other very well.

Now while I like them both, I do wish the Academy went in another direction. My dream host would have been Neil Patrick Harris who has already hosted the Tonys and the Emmys this year. It probably would've been overkill if he also hosted the Oscars, but even if he wasn't able to do it I sort of wanted the Academy to take a bigger risk. I mean two middle-aged white men? Really thinking outside the box there, Academy.

Maybe someone like Meryl Streep? Now that would be something worth watching.

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