Friday, November 27, 2009

Four Reasons to Watch White Collar

Okay, I lied. It's not really four reasons. More like just the one. His name is Matthew Bomer and he is the star of the new USA Network show, White Collar.

His IMDB page is a bit lean, but surprisingly I've seen him in quite a lot. I first noticed him on Eliza Dushku's first post-Buffy TV show Tru Calling. I then saw his short-lived (and entertaining) show Traveler only to last see him in a recurring role on Chuck.

As you can see he went from FOX to ABC to NBC. And I didn't even mention his Guiding Light sting on CBS early in his career. But I think he's finally found a home at the USA Network, which is increasingly becoming the missing 10pm hour of NBC.

The show itself is escapist fun and shot beautifully in New York City. I was meaning to catch up on the show, but never got around to it, but thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday and, I'm all caught up.

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