Monday, November 30, 2009

Simply Kradison

American Idol
crowned Kris Allen champion over Adam Lambert on May 20th 2009, but if they only looked at the results from three months before, we could've done without the rest of the season!

The Top 36 contestants were split in groups of 12 and spanning three weeks, they sang in front of the judges and had their first taste of the public voting for them. Every week three performers would move on, the guy and girl who got the most votes and then the next highest vote getter.

During Week 2 of the semifinals, which took place on February 26, 2009 America voted Kris Allen and Alison Iraheta as the top guy and girl. Who was the next highest vote getter? Adam Lambert. So Kris got more votes than Adam while Alison was the top girl. Fast forward three months later and voila.

Alison Iraheta's debut album Just Like You is scheduled to be released tomorrow, December 1, 2009. This follows the post-AI debut albums of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert the past two weeks. I'm a fan of all three, who have been lumped together as "Kradison" seemingly ever since they ended up in the same semifinal group. Adam is getting most of the media coverage, as expected, but I hope all of them succeed even in a niche sort of way.


  1. I absolutely love Allison's new album, it's very P!nk meets Kelly Clarkson, but maybe I am biased since they're my two favorite artists.

  2. I love those two artists as well. Now I can't wait to hear Alison's album!

  3. This should have been the top 3. I think it's really cool how they all came from the same batch of semifinalists.


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