Friday, November 20, 2009

Project Runway Finale

And then there were three.

The finale of the the sixth season of Project Runway was a bit anticlimactic. Yes, there were bits of drama such as Carol-Hannah still dealing with a nasty stomach virus and Irina thinking Althea is copying her yet again. But for the most part the designers just had to finish and present their lines.

Althea's collection was inspired by 70s sci-fi women and she wanted to have a collection that reflects those aesthetics as well as show us how a woman from today would dress for the future. High concept to be sure and I'm not entirely sure her collection delivered. She played to her strengths doing mostly separates and sportswear inspired clothes. There were a few knitwear as well.

Carol-Hannah's line featured a variety of colors and styles showcasing her penchant to play with volume and texture. The imagination was there and out of all the designer, her collection was the most fun to watch and analyze, but she lacked cohesion. Too bad since if Carol-Hannah just explained to the judges that she was going for that eclectic fairy-tale vibe, everyone would've seen that she did have some sort of vision.

Finally, Irina's collection was an ode to New York and shield-wear for protection. Of course this meant a lot of dark colors (i.e. black), but she softened it up with very intricate knitwear and custom-made tee shirts. Out of all the collections, hers was the most cohesive. If she had just punctuated her collection with a few colors, she would've amazed further.

In the end, Irina won and again it was a bit anti-climactic. I do think Irina deserved to win based on her performance for most of the season and her Bryant Park line. Upwards and onwards. I pray the next season is just a bit more exciting than this one. Here's a suggestion to the producers, move back to New York!

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