Thursday, February 23, 2012

Link Roundup: Oscar Edition

Everyone's talking about the Oscars, which is not too shocking since the big day is just three days away. If you're excited as I am, here are a few links that might interest you...

15 Minutes of Focus Artist Hunter Langston creates beautiful and creative posters for all of this year's Best Picture nominees.

In Contention Guy Lodge writes a must-read essay on the Academy Awards and awards season in general asking for cooler heads to prevail.

Awards Daily is attempting to compile a close-to-comprehensive list of Oscar predictions. What are yours?

Encore Speaking of predictions, have you all been reading Andrew's "incoherent" Oscar predictions on his blog?

Film Experience Jose views and shares his thoughts on the films nominated for Best Animated Film so you don't have to.

Vulture features an impressive set of infographics by Jesse David Fox of all of the Best Picture nominees. LOL, oh shit indeed.

IndieWire has a nifty and updated list of the announced presenters for this year's ceremony.

New Yorker Michael Shulman takes a look back at some of Meryl Streep's best acceptance speeches through the years.

Salon Andrew O'Hehir in the meantime lays out the almost too friendly rivalry between Meryl Streep and Viola Davis at this year's awards circuit.

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