Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthday Boy: Seth Green

Seth Green turns 38 today and he is just one of those celebrities that seemingly has been around for forever doing so many things. And for him, that's pretty close to the truth as he's worked for nearly three decades in the business and has over 120 acting credits on IMDb!

More recently, he has spent most of his time with his regular voice work on Family Guy and directing, writing, producing his Emmy-winning Robot Chicken series. He has two feature films coming up in the next couple of years, and I hope they are good since the last film I saw him in was The Italian Job which came out nearly a decade ago!

Of course it doesn't really matter, since I keep up with him on twitter. He even tweeted a lovely thanks to his fans today on his birthday. But even if he keeps working well into old age and appearing in 100+ more things, he'll always be the "werewolf in love" to me.

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