Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Sitcoms Featuring Boys Who Like Other Boys

Just as Cam & Mitchell from Modern Family were getting used to sharing the Gay Parents spotlight on TV with Leroy and Hiram from Glee, both might have some company next season with a few guys playing boyfriends in a couple of sitcoms.

First, Ryan Murphy is working in bringing a sitcom to NBC about a gay couple trying to make a baby with a surrogate. The gay couple will be played by Broadway hotties Andrew Rannells (Book of Mormon) and Justin Bartha (Lend Me A Tenor) though the latter is probably more well-known for his roles in popular film series such as National Treasure and Hangover. Currently titled The New Normal, it'll also star Ellen Barkin and Georgia King.

The other show, this time slated for CBS, is from the creators of Will & Grace called Partners and will look similar to their earlier show in that it'll follow the lives of longtime friends, one straight and one gay. This time though they are both men and are business partners. Michael Urie, who was Mark in Ugly Betty, will play the gay half of this friendship and his boyfriend will be played by Brandon Routh who everyone knows as Superman, but who I fondly think of as Ramona Flowers' third ex with super vegan powers. The straight half of the partnership is still not cast, but Sophia Bush and Lucy Davis are also set to star.

I think at this point it's not 100% sure yet if the respective networks will pick these shows up though with the names behind the camera and everyone loving The Sitcom again, chances are we'll probably see these shows premiere sooner rather than never. Of course cast changes can still happen between now and the shows' season premieres, but I have to admit I'm already looking forward to these. And I swear it's not just because of the obvious eye-candy.

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