Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Navratilova Will Dance

This should prove interesting. And by "this" I mean Martina Navratilova, who turned 55 just four months ago, joining the cast of this year's Dancing with the Stars. I guess the early exits other tennis pros like Monica Seles (four years ago in DWTS) and Martina Hingis (three years ago in Strictly Come Dancing) experienced in these types of shows didn't scare her off. But then again this is a woman who defected from Czechoslovakia in her teens, publicly came out as gay at the peak of her sports career, and beat breast cancer just a couple years ago. Getting judged at some silly dance competition should be a piece of cake. Now, I can't say I'll be watching since I'm just not interested in the show, but I'm rooting for her regardless.

Other notable famous people in this year's line-up include Gladys Knight, Jaleel White, Gavin DeGraw, and Sherri Shepard.

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