Monday, February 6, 2012

NBC's Brotherhood of Man

The Super Bowl... Tight game with the Giants coming out on top, Kelly Clarkson killing it with her great flub-less rendition of the National Anthem, and Madonna satisfying lovers and haters alike with her bombastic half-time show. Then there are the commercials, which if I had to be completely honest, didn't really wow me this year. Clint Eastwood's ambiguously political commercial touting Chrysler and talking about this moment in time being America's Halftime was probably the most memorable to me which tells you a lot.

With that said, I did fall in love a little bit with whoever came up with this little promo for NBC. This wasn't exactly a Super Bowl commercial since it aired a couple of hours before kick-off during the pre-game portion of the telecast, but it's just so much fun:

I don't know why all of the networks don't do this more often to be honest. Would it really be that difficult to get all of your shows and their cast working on a promo together? I know NBC is desperate and thus was compelled to do this, but it's still not mission impossible for other networks. Anyways, this was a job well-done for all involved, but especially great to see the Community cast featured quite prominently. Much better treatment than the obviously Photoshopped figures of Howie Mandel, David Giuntoli, Kathy Bates, and Carson Daly got in the end there.

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