Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teaser Poster: Dark Knight Rises

The marketing team behind Christopher Nolan's much-anticipated film The Dark Knight Rises is already hard at work releasing the first official teaser poster for the film last night, which you can see above. The teaser trailer is not far behind, making its debut in front of a million or so eyeballs this weekend who will be seeing the final Harry Potter film.

The poster itself is exactly what you expect for this movie so while it's hardly a ground-breaking poster design, it's still quite strong, evocative, and really just aesthetically beautiful. Though is it just me or is it most obviously influenced by two of Nolan's previous films, namely Batman Begins and Inception?

Batman Begins + Inception = Batception? Dark Knight Rises?

In any case, plenty of people are already trying to wring out clues from the poster, be it the tone or even the actual plot of the film. Apart from the obvious image of Gotham City in ruins signaling an ever darker turn for the city, it's still a fairly vague image and doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know. The third film is going to be darker and more intense? THAT IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION!

But it got the fans salivating and the media/blogs talking. That's all the teaser poster is being asked to do, so it's so far successful. Plus there's still a year left for everything else. Now where is that teaser trailer?


  1. It's okay, I guess. I don't get the noise that's going on on line, though.

  2. The teaser poster for the Dark Knight Rises is already out! I can’t wait to see this movie next year. I just hope that it’s as good as the last one. But seeing as the stand-out in the last film was the villain, my hopes arn't that high. Here's to being surprised?

  3. I think it's pretty sweet - even if it does rip off (or play off) previous work.

    It's a powerful image. It creates the excitement.

    Always glad Nolan's posters don't have names or people's heads on them.

  4. I do love the Batman saga that Nolan created. Let's hope he does a better job than was done on Spiderman 3.


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