Monday, July 25, 2011

Link Roundup: Comic Con Edition

So didn't it feel like everyone who's everyone was at Comic Con and reporting on it? Every year, I get so jealous, but then I realized as awesome as it may be to be surrounded by so many like-minded geeks and be close to celebrities, I would absolutely hate the crowds, waiting in endless lines, and my indecision over which panels to check out would render me catatonic.

With that said, here are some Comic Con-related links for you!

Vulture Watch Andrew Garfield deliver a touching love letter to Spider-Man as only a true fan can.

In Contention Kris Tapley summarizes his Con experience the highlight of which was his screening of Winding Refn's Drive.

TVLine Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof debut lost footage from Lost starring the Man in Black and Jacob.

Flix Chatter Ruth gives us an enviable inside look of her great day inside the very popular Hall H.

Doctor Who The trailer for the second half of the sixth season has been released complete with Rory punching Hitler!

Hitfix After some great coverage all weekend, notably from Alan Sepinwall and Daniel Fienberg, the Hitfix staff present their Best and Worst.

Whedonesque Take a look at the massive banner for the Whedon-helmed Avengers combining all of the released character posters.

DailyMotion Some familiar, unexpected, and hilarious faces auditioning for the role of Fringe's Peter Bishop.

These are just a handful of links and news that came out during this very busy weekend. In the days ahead I'm sure there'll be some more news to filter down or a few follow-ups. Feel free to share a link or any news from Comic Con that you want to highlight!

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