Friday, July 22, 2011

Breaking Bad Returns and Other TV Thoughts

I'm really happy that Breaking Bad is back. I only started watching the show about 10 months ago marathoning the first two seasons like it was my job. I finally caught up with the third season just a few weeks ago in preparation for this season and thank God I only had to wait a few weeks, because that cliffhanger was deadly.

Now as a regular episode, the premiere was pretty good, but I really expected MORE from a season premiere. Comparing it to other season premieres, it was actually quite tame even if there was a significant death as well as the nerve-wracking resolution to last season's cliffhanger. There were also some amazing performances from Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Giancarlo Esposito. The latter brought me chills while Paul probably said 5 words total all episode and he still broke my heart. So again, it was good, but the ridiculously high expectations I had didn't help. I still can't wait for the rest of the season though.

A few brief thoughts on other TV shows:

True Blood - Sookie gets all the luck, doesn't she? In one scene, she's surrounded by a naked and wet Eric (taking a dip and ready to pounce on some crocodiles) and a naked and growling Alcide (helping Sookie rescue Eric). I think words were exchange during that scene, but hell if I processed any of them. In other news, Jason is finally out and thank goodness because that storyline was growing stale. The witch stuff didn't kick into high gear until the end when Marnie put her mojo on Pam by literally melting her face off! NOT PAM!

Weeds - Shane gets a shave/haircut! I'm sure a bunch of other stuff happened in the episode, but yay for this! Episode still setting things up, but I feel an actual plot is evolving. I'm still wholly intrigued by the evolution of the Silas/Nancy relationship. Now they have this shaky business weed-dealing relationship as partners. All they need is weed. Still waiting for SOMETHING to happen on the show though.

Alphas - Unfortunately for this show, their second episode reminded me of a very similar episode that Fringe did and done much better. This team is still not gelling with me and I think they thought that teasing the Big Band Conspiracy in this episode would keep viewers. Not sure how successful they will be.

Still need to see tonight's episode of Torchwood. Maybe tomorrow if I don't die from the heat.

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  1. The look on Kristin's face at the end is just haunting. I'm currently rewatching season 2 (because, yes, I have no life) and I love that episode where Eric sends her out to work and she's all "I've got my good pumps on." She's so much fun.


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