Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Boy: Daniel Radcliffe

Just want to give a quick birthday shout out to an unknown young British actor. His name is Daniel Radcliffe and he mostly does small independent films which almost no one gets to see since they usually play in three theaters for a week. Sometimes he dabbles in off-off Broadway plays playing bit roles and such. I'm really hoping his big breakthrough comes. He seems like such an affable young man with lots of enthusiasm and charm.

No, but seriously isn't he like the richest and most famous British actor? It's actually even more amazing that he IS so friendly, down-to-earth, and humble with all of his wealth and popularity. There are as many opinions about the Harry Potter films and how Radcliffe performed as the titular character as there are stars in the sky, but in the end I'm glad he seems to be one of the good ones. Oddly enough, he caught my heart with this scene from the first film:

Couldn't help but root for him from that moment on really.

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