Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Perfect 10 for Elle Woods

During the past decade, Reese Witherpoon won the Academy Award for Walk the Line and starred in five films grossing over $90 million (including doing voice work on Monsters Vs. Aliens). And yet if you ask me her greatest role of the past decade, I'd probably say it was Elle Woods with her go-get-em attitude, endless pink ensemble, scented resumes, Delta Nu pride, and vast knowledge of hair care rules. I bring all of this up today because it happens to be the 10th Anniversary of Legally Blonde.

"You got into Harvard Law?" "What? Like, it's hard?"

It's been awhile since I've seen it, but the one thing I remember about the film is how FUN it was and how charming Reese was in it. Actually that's a lie, since I remember another thing from the film, The Bend and Snap.

And speaking of what-the-heck-have-they-been-up-to, what is Jennifer Coolidge doing at the moment? A quick IMDb search says she's mostly doing TV in The Secret Life of the American Teenager and will soon reprise her role as Stifler's mom in another American Pie film. And I'm getting sidetracked here. Where were we? Oh right... Legally Blonde, bend and snap, Reese needs to do more movies like these, etc. So yeah, lovely memories. Victor Garber playing a sleazy guy, Luke Wilson at his most adorkable, Holland Taylor before she sold her soul to Two and a Half Men... good times.

And again, just a really fun film with some great work from Witherspoon. I also still think of the movie whenever Hoku's "Perfect Day" pops up in my mp3 player.

Updated: I also want to say one reason to love the film is that it spawned a pretty good Broadway musical. I especially love, love this showstopper of a number by Laura Bell Bundy:

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  1. I heard two songs off the LEGALLY BLONDE score and I loathed it. Does that mean I should give it another try?


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