Monday, July 11, 2011

7-Eleven Super 8 Scene

Was trying to think of a film/TV-related thing I can talk about that has anything to do with 7-Eleven since today is 7/11 and other than getting a free Slurpee, what else does one do particularly a TV/film blogger as myself? A quick Google search gave me this bonus clip from Super 8 in which Charles (Riley Griffiths) drops a bombshell on Joe (Joel Courtney), as they head over to their local 7-11, telling him he's invited Alice (Elle Fanning) to be part of his movie.

I think the final cut to make it into the movie doesn't show it's a 7-Eleven, but that connection is pretty tangential and really I just wanted to take a brief moment to give Joel Courtney his props. The reviews for the film were mostly positive and they do praise the kid actors so while Courtney is not exactly under-appreciated, there seems to be a general consensus that Griffiths and Fanning steal/make the movie. I don't disagree with this point per se, since they are great, but Courtney is the heart of the film and a strong one at that. Plus in the above clip alone, I love some of his reaction shots (when Charles tell him about Alice) and line deliveries ("Are you making this up?" "I don't think that's what it is.") Poor boy is so flustered at the thought of getting to spend some time with his crush. Adorable.

Any 7-Eleven scenes from TV/film you can think of? Maybe if people chime in, I won't have to Google for them next year!


  1. Courteney is fine, but Basso is the most impressive of the lot for me. If only because he's so different in THE BIG C.

  2. @Andrew Love all of the kid actors really, so I get you. Was impressed with Basso as well. And yeah, I should really get into The Big C soon. You've only told me a few countless times.


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