Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bewitching True Blood; Same Old Weeds

As I said last week, I didn't mind how disjointed the premiere of True Blood felt as long as it didn't feel this way for the rest of the season and I think the second episode delivered. Sure we still got Jason and Sam in their own little bubble of stories, but at least they are providing some much needed man flesh to the proceedings.

Just a little taste.

I was actually really intrigued by Sam's new friend Luna. Her story about turning into her mother was haunting and she has genuine chemistry with Sam who looks to have an bonafide good storyline this season. I'm also happy that Sam and Tommy seem to be finding their way back to each other. Unlike a lot of people, I actually love the Tommy character. Jason's storyline is a bit of a wait-and-see for me. The ending was deliciously gruesome though, but I don't know how I feel about Jason becoming a supernatural being.

A few of the other plot threads did converge this week with Sookie reuniting with Tara who then meets up with Lafayette/Jesus to their Wiccan meeting. There they run into Eric who was sent by King Bill to handle the necromancers. Next thing you know Marnie, played by the exquisite Fiona Shaw, does her dark magick Latin incantation thing to dispatch Eric. Sookie sees him in the end, shirtless and with his memories gone.

Something wicked this way comes!

Now maybe it's because I had a Wiccan phase when I was younger or because my favorite TV character is a redheaded witch, but I am LOVING this storyline so far. Yes, Marnie is awesome as are her unknown agenda, but I love that the reason why vampires are so wary of them is because if they can raise the dead then they can conceivably control vampires. Fascinating and in hindsight makes total sense. It's at least a relationship that way fresher than vampire/werewolves which has been done to death. With that said, great episode.

Looking forward to their awkward reunion.

We move on to Weeds and the verdict is a bit more mixed. They're still trying to get settled in this new setting so they're still in the process of figuring out exactly what to do. There's some promising things like Silas' continued hurt/angry feelings towards Nancy and his need to continue his modeling career (mostly probably to be on his own as much as possible) as well as Shane and Andy providing much needed comedy to the show.

I'm a bit more wary about Nancy. I get that the show is called Weeds and that she needs the money, but wanting to deal pot... again? Guess those years in prison taught her absolutely nothing at all. The new guy could provide some nice eye-candy so it's not a total loss. Also why is Doug still a series regular? Anyone? Can we at least get Celia back? I miss that crazy bitch.


  1. OMG Fiona's weird incantation gave me goosebumps! Such a freaking scary witch! I almost slept with the lights on after that.

  2. I gave up on True Blood after last season. Didn't care for finding out Sookie was a fairy. Plus the werewolf thing just felt unresolved. you'll have to post your final thoughts on the season when it's over.


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