Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Box Office: Big Damn Robots and Rich Pirates

The film about those Big Damn Robots ruled over the holiday weekend taking the title of highest grossing Independence Day weekend gross from Spider-Man 2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon also opened bigger than its two predecessors which begs the question WHAT THE HELL? Then again, I guess we found the rea$on why Paramount picked this film over the more obvious Captain America: First Avenger to open the weekend.

The other new openers debut dismally. Monte Carlo barely made a blip with just $8.5 million during the 4-day weekend, while the Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts film Larry Crowne took in a mediocre $16 million not befitting the salary they must have paid those two A-listers.

News wasn't that great for some of the holdovers as well as Cars 2 plummeted recording Pixar's biggest 2nd-weekend fall ever. The story remains the same with Green Lantern which is the Underachieving Superhero Film of the summer. The $200 million film has made slightly over $100 in 3 weeks. For comparison, at the same point Thor took in $145.4 million while X-Men: First Class made $120.4 million. The downward trend doesn't bode well for the aforementioned Captain America flick.

It wasn't all bad news for everyone though. Super 8 crossed $100 milestone just before the weekend while Bridesmaids continues its phenomenal run passing $150 million becoming Judd Apatow's highest-grossing film. Meanwhile Midnight in Paris is the only top-ranked film to increase over the 4-day weekend compared to last weekend. Woody Allen's film is just a few million dollars away from being his highest-grossing film.

Speaking of high-grossing, Johnny Depp was yet again the Billion Dollar Man as he notched a third billion dollar movie in the worldwide charts with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides reaching that mark over the weekend. This was a monumental feat considering the mediocre North American tally of just over $230 million indicating the rabid international response for the film.

Many expect the final Harry Potter film which opens in less than 10 days, to be the 9th film to reach the billion dollar mark worldwide even though no previous Potter flicks have achieved this. The most recent film took in $954.5 million and that should be the floor of what the last film will do.

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