Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reminder: Dollhouse Series Finale

The last episode of Joss Whedon's maligned, but masterful Dollhouse airs tomorrow night on FOX at 8PM. I stopped posting about the last few episodes, not because I thought they were less good. Just the opposite is true actually since with every episode, the show just got better and the stakes were raised higher.

And we'll see it all end tomorrow with the appropriately-named episode "Epitaph Two: Return" which harks back to the first season's unaired finale, "Epitaph One." Looking forward to some great performances from everyone, but mostly from Fran Kranz. His character most of all benefited from this miraculous second season. Once an annoying fringe character is now arguably the heart of the show. How did THAT happen?

Also hoping to see Amy Acker do her usual awesome thing. So everyone, watch it tomorrow - FOX, Friday 1/29, 8:00PM - or Whiskey will cut you.

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