Thursday, August 6, 2009

SYTYCD: The Finale

The talented Brandon Bryant, the adorable Evan Kasprzak, the fierce Jeanine Mason, and the versatile Kayla Ramdomski are your top four finalists for So You Think You Can Dance. Despite my feelings of general disappointment for the whole season, I congratulate each and every single one of these dancers for rising to the top this season. They all deserved to win (but I'm personally rooting for Evan and Jeanine).

The finale took place, for the first time in the show's history, at the grand Kodak Theater. Bigger stage and an even bigger audience. The last performance episode was jam-packed with routines with the top four performing with one another. They were all pretty good, but my absolute favorite was the two girls performing a Mia Michaels contemporary number. Usually the boy-boy routine is the more memorable of the same-sex routines, but this season proved different. My favorite moment though had to be when the entire theater chanted "Evan! Evan! Evan!" A beautiful moment for him.

It was Evan who got the short end of the stick from the judges' comments last night with Brandon and Jeanine getting LOTS of love. They praised Kayla, but according to most people by the end, this season was Brandon's or Jeanine's to lose. But I have to give it up to guest judge Adam Shankman who gave them all props in the end. Adam said, "Brandon you tore it up tonight. Jeanine you came out as a dark horse. Evan you may be one of the most popular dancers the show has ever seen. And I just called Kayla one of the best dancers ever on the show." Hear hear.

The two-hour finale tonight was quite well done. The focus was on the judges' favorite routines throughout the season. And that was it. There were two guest performances, but for the most part the whole show consisted of a series of memorable routines. I thought the judges, all seven of them (Nigel, Mary, Adam, Debbie, Tyce, Mia, and Lil C), picked wisely and looked damn sharp. The best and most obvious routine to bring back was Melissa & Ade's heartbreaking Tyce Diorio's "Breast Cancer Themed" routine, but I also was very happy to see Travis Wall's routine for Jason & Jeanine, because it was HOT.

There were two routines I thought they really shouldn't have brought back though. The first was Brandon & Janette's tango because it was honestly the only performance I couldn't remember. The other one was Randi & Evan's "Butt" dance by Mia Michaels. I say this because BOTH couples have had better performances. Though if you ask me I would've just replaced them with the Jeanine/Kayla dance from the night before or another Melissa/Ade number.

I was quite happy with all of the group numbers. Top 20 performed Broadway while Top 16 performed the Salsa. Then to cap off the night, the Top 8 performed with the judges joining them in the end, to standing ovation. In the end, the night still belonged to the top four and one by one they learned their fates. When Kayla and Evan were declared fourth and third place finishers, it was between Jeanine and Brandon. I was praying for Jeanine and she won! She's America's Most Favorite Dancer (well until the fall). Congratulations Jeanine Mason!

For a disappointing season, that finale really reminded me what I actually liked about this season & this show. Until next month!

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