Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mad Women

Because even though the show is called Mad Men, it's the women that make it so damn good. It's even better that all three characters are so different from each other.

Joan Holloway

Joan is the office manager at Sterling & Cooper. She commands every single scene she's in whether she's speaking or not. Part of it of course is how she highlights her assets, but apart from them she also has an air of confidence that is unrivaled even by some of the men. We dive deeper into her character in the second season as we see how the dynamic at home with her fiance is quite different with her taking the subservient role. With that said, however, she gets a small taste of working with the men when she read those TV scripts. Will we see her get to do more "men's work" in the third season?

Peggy Olson

Peggy is a copywriter at Sterling & Cooper. She's the mousy girl with lots of talent but doesn't know how to carry herself. She, however, has made lots of progress from the first to the second season. She slowly learning how to work in the world of men and doing so in her own way. She is dressing a little bit better, too, but she's still the same old Peggy. Despite her work success, her personal life has been a struggle. Her family doesn't appreciate her work and she's still guilty about giving up her baby. How far will she go in the third season?

Betty Draper

Betty is the wife of Don Draper, head of the Creative Division at Sterling & Cooper and a stay-at-home mom. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, she keeps herself busy with her domestic life. In the second season, she becomes weary of her suburban life and suffers a sort of breakdown in part when she finds out her husband is having an affair. Her journey to try to come out of that funk is not over, so it will be quite exciting to see where this takes her in the third season.

The third season of Man Men premieres August 16th on AMC.


  1. Funny. I wrote a similar piece not that long ago. These women are very intriguing: such well written/acted characters don't come along very often (How only one of them is an Emmy nominee, I don't understand!)

  2. Hi mB. I don't get why only one of them is an Emmy nominee, but you know the Emmy's kinda suck some (really all) of the time.

    LOVE your entry especially your quotes and the crucial scenes of S1 and S2. I'm very excited about S3.


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