Friday, August 28, 2009

Reality Show Rundown

Design Star

With Nathan's departure last week my joy of watching this show diminished just a bit which probably explains my later-than-usual review of the episode. In any case, the remaining five contestants had to decorate a kids' room though the show's definition of "kid" includes two 17-year-olds.

Even though I don't like her, I thought Lonni was the only one who stepped up in this challenge and delivered a baseball-themed room that was very well-executed. Not only that, but she delivered in her presentation! The judges loved her, but they also loved Antonio who probably had the enviable (or is it unenviable) task of working with a 5-year-old client. He delivered, but I thought he could've done more. The judges thought his large sticky poster of the kid was ingenious. I thought it was borderline CREEPY.

The other three contestants floundered in various ways. Dan's room had clashing colors and his presentation was full of giggles (which I actually found adorable). Torie's design was Jekyll and Hyde. One side looked like a mini-artist's studio while the other side looked like a fabric store threw up on the wall. Finally Jason, who was eliminated, was tasked to create a room fit for a princess and one would think this would've been the perfect fit. Sadly apart from a sparkly chandelier and his smart decision to use black to temper all of the pink, he failed everywhere else. Bye bye Jason.

Hey, I miss Nathan. Sigh.

Project Runway

This week's episode revolved around the designers designing a dress for a very pregnant Rebecca Romijn. Shockingly enough no one really bombed the challenge.

I only say that because I didn't particular hate any one dress. Even the bottom three designs by Malvin, Mitchell, and Ra'mon weren't SO bad. In fact I actually thought Malvin's dress was the better one out of the three. His design was athletic, urban, and dare I say chic. On the other hand, Ra'mon's dress hurt my eyes and Mitchell was the closest contestant to me who churned out a hot mess. He should've gone rather than Malvin.

Weirdly enough the judges picked my favorite dress as the winner of the challenge. It was designed by Shirin and the color of the dress as well as the jacket she designed were to die to for. My two other favorite designs were by Johnny and Irina. The whole look of Johnny's dress was quite fetching even though I thought it could've been less skintight while the color of Irina's dress and its flowiness really won me over, but it could've been just a wee bit longer.

I still don't have anyone I'm passionately rooting for. I guess Logan, Christopher, Shirin, and Qristyl. But after only two episodes and two very straightforward challenges, I still need to see more.

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