Monday, August 3, 2009

Reality Show Rundown

So You Think You Can Dance

I have to say it again, because I think it bears repeating, but I find this season of SYTYCD just so so disappointing compared to previous seasons. And the penultimate performance episode did nothing to change my mind. In fact I can't even pick out an outstanding or memorable performance. Actually that's not completely true. I very much enjoyed the all-boy and all-girl routines. The boys did a funky Sonya Tayeh number that reminded of me Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas while the girls were superheroes. Guest judge Lil C as always said a lot without saying anything worthwhile.

During the results episode, the top six danced a Tyce Diorio number dressed as clowns. I thought it was beautifully executed. Soon enough Jeanine and Brandon were the first two to be sent to the finale with the latter giving me a headache. Before we found out who left, we were treated to the Emmy-nominated performances from last year. My favorite performance of last year was one of them which was TabNap's "Bleeding Love" routine danced by Mark and Chelsie. In any case, it was Melissa and Ade who got sent home. They were my favorite couple all season, so suffice it to say a disappointing season became even more disappointing. Next week, the finale. Can we just skip it and move forward with the fall season?

Next Food Network Star

This is it, the finale! We find out whether Melissa or Jeff is the next Food Network star. Now I know it's the finale and everything so a season recap and then a getting to know your finalist segment is par for the course, but I just wanted them to start working on their pilots. With the help of Alton Brown, they honed in their show. From the get go, Melissa's "Kitchen Survival Guide" appealed to me more than Jeffrey's "Ingredient Smuggler" which just had a very good concept but had a lame name.

When they were reunited with the judges and their fellow contestants, they both seemed nervous, but excited as they should be. Bobby Flay acted as the emcee as he showed them yet more highlights from the past season culminating to both Melissa's and Jeff's pilot. Both did very well though a bit fast and intense. Still cooking something and teaching people how to do it in five minutes is a lot to ask so I give them props. I appreciated Jeff's concept more, but I correctly predicted that the judges would pick the more marketable Melissa. She is set to debut her new show in only a week's time! But don't say goodbye to Jeffrey since I'm sure the Food Network will snatch him right up.

Design Star

It's the White Room Challenge! It's my favorite challenge on this show since it's an individual challenge and it's always so great to see how designers express themselves using whatever limitations the show put on them. This year the contestants were only allowed to used things from the grocery story with the budget of $1000 (including two paint cans of color). There were three people I kept my eye on. Two because I've been loving their work since day one and the other one because I thought she should've been eliminated from the get go.

The two designers I've loved since the beginning are Nathan Galui and Dan Vickery and they did not disappoint in this episode. In fact both were hailed by the judges as one of the best white rooms. Nathan used black paint and milk/white primer for a bold and sleek look and I want to BUY his white couch full of personal notes. Judge Verne Yip thought Dan had the "single, most well-executed, most well-thought out response" to this challenge with his inspired and beautiful deconstruction of an orchard. The one I wished would leave is Tashica Morgan. She probably should've left in the first episode, DEFINITELY should've left last episode, and certainly deserved to go this week for her unoriginal and bland design. Instead the judges decided to get rid of color expert Jen Guerin because they found her design/color choices too confusing. Alas we're stuck with Tashica at least one more week. Damnit.

CLICK HERE to view the rest of the white rooms.

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