Monday, August 10, 2009

Design Star: Garage Makeover

The remaining eight contestants were divided into two teams. My favorite design duo, Nathan and Dan, were reunited, but they were in the same team with Tashica who I believe should've gone in the second episode and has only been as useless and incompetent since her first day. So I became worried that she would drag down my favorite people. I was also worried because the judges would be getting rid of TWO people after this challenge. Damn.

From the get-go Tashica butted heads with her team partly due to her regular nonsensical ideas but also partly due to her teammates not really listening to her. But I couldn't really blame them knowing Tashica's spotty track record. With Tashica dragging them down, they completed the room, but not to the best of their abilities.

The other team, led by Antonio, looked like they were working together much better. They seemed to have a plan and they were executing everything without any hitch.

The challenge was making over a garage into an extra living space. Both teams were successful, but the judges has reservations on both. Antonio's team had the more finished and cohesive look, but the judges criticized its predictability. They were particularly hard on Jany and Torie who were in charged of accessories. The judges then hammered Dan's team with some egregious design choices they made such as not replacing the garage door and the painting of the mural. They came down hard on Nathan as he was the one who executed the mural, but they were generally unhappy with the whole team.

With that said, the judges finally finally realized that the problem probably lied with Tashica. Her teammates in turn basically turned on her and with only a very brief deliberation, the judges made Tashica the first elimination. I jumped for joy.

After a much longer deliberation time, they praised Dan and Antonio for always being the anchors of their teams. They also picked out Nathan (no!!!!) and Jany as the weakest links of their team. With bated breath, I waited anxiously of their decision. When the judges sent Jany home instead of Nathan, I screamed for joy. He has done so much good in the past few episodes that it would've been silly if they got rid of him.

Next week Dan and Antonio are in the same team. Will the other team be left high and dry? With the ratio of 4-2 in the guys' favor, will the judges feel compelled to get rid of a guy?

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