Sunday, August 16, 2009

Design Star: Miltary Homes

This week the challenge was renovating a family room for a military family at a military base. The families really tugged on the designer's heartstrings and made me tear up a bit.

I also teared up in the end, because it was a sad elimination. Nathan Galui has been eliminated from Design Star. I mean if I were the judges, I would've made the exact same decision, but it's just disappointing since he is my favorite designer. I still think he was one of the better designers this season. He just had a weakness with time management and leadership skills. I mean my God, he took 21 hours to work on shelves. Not good.

With Nathan gone, the two frontrunners now are the powerhouse designer-carpenters Dan and Antonio who have been impressing the judges every episode. Clearly one of them will win this season. There are no other alternatives. And with them on the same team this week, they handedly defeated the other team. There was one snafu about color choice with Dan and Torie wanting to respect the wishes of the client and Antonio not having any of it. In the end, the judges agreed with Antonio's passion and design sensibilities.

Nathan's team tumbled with poor Jason having to pick up the slack of his team, but was then punished by the judges with some of his poor choices. The judges did love Lonnie's chevron design on the wall, which I have to take issue on. Because while it was good, it was not that good and at least Nathan's 20-hour project was more functional. I think I'm just bitter about Nathan's eviction just a tad. Oh well.

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