Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green or a Song Up for Oscars

Is there more I could've said?
Now there are only pictures in my head.
That's why my green is feeling gray.
Sometimes even frogs have rainy days.

Every day that passes since Oscar nominations, I find myself getting angrier and angrier about what happened with the Best Song category. Joe, Nathaniel, Andrew, amongst many others have already gone into everything I wanted to say about this tragic situation from this category missing potentially showstopping acts to perform at the Oscars to the obviously screwed up selection and qualifying process for the songs.

At the very least, they did nominate at least one song from The Muppets, even if it wasn't my favorite song (which I excerpted at the beginning of this post). But "Man Or Muppet" more than deserves its nomination if only to (most likely) give Bret McKenzie his Oscars.

See its music video below:

Plus the surprise cameo makes me smile every single time. Though I am still amazed that "Pictures in My Head" didn't make it in this year especially with the unofficial theme of nostalgia and looking back this year. No offense to Jason Segel and Walter, but I really, really wanted Kermit and the gang to sing at the ceremony. Maybe they'll still do somehow, or maybe not. That's why my green is feeling gray.

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