Thursday, January 12, 2012

People's Horrible Choices

Tonight is the Critics' Choice Movie Awards, but I had prematurely wrote two days ago that this was the "first televised awards ceremony of the awards season." I had neglected to count the People's Choice Awards that took place last night. Granted these awards don't really matter especially as their tastes have slowly, but surely matched those with the Teen Choice Awards. I mean Katy Perry won FIVE awards last night and one of them was for guest starring on a TV show. Adam Sandler, who apparently is still relevant, won Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, Water for Elephants was their pick for Favorite Drama Movie, and Kim Kardashian won the non-ironic Favorite Celebreality Star. So yeah, this award = horrible. Speaking of Horrible...

Former Dr. Horrible arch-rivals win!

The Dr. Horrible pair of Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion grabbed Favorite TV Comedy and Drama actor respectively to go along with both of their current shows winning Favorite Network TV Comedy and Crime shows respectively. In fact it was a particular Whedon-y night as David Boreanaz and a lovely and pregnant Alyson Hannigan (with husband Alexis Denisof in tow) presented awards (albeit not together). Other pleasant results of the evening include Emma Stone being a double winner in the movie category capturing Favorite Movie Actress (The Help) and Comedic Movie Actress (Crazy Stupid Love). Awards magnet Bridesmaids took home Favorite Comedy Movie while the final Harry Potter flick took home four awards including Favorite Movie and Favorite Ensemble. Hilariously, Chloe Grace Moretz won Favorite Movie Star Under 25 over the four Harry Potter actors she was up against.

The ceremony itself started out well with an extended, but funny Big Bang Theory sketch featuring host Kaley Cuoco. She then had a great back-and-forth with Neil Patrick Harris about his desire to host. Emma Stone then won her awards and it was then fast forwarding through about 70% of the ceremony for me. Cuoco was personable enough, but there were more than a few moments where you can tell she wasn't completely at ease. It didn't help that some of her jokes fell a bit flat with the audience. I also really enjoyed the random, but welcomed Parks and Recreation sketch in the middle of the show. For a complete list of winners, click here.

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