Saturday, January 21, 2012

Williams and Fassbender Turn Up the Heat

Michelle Williams and Michael Fassbender both may well be nominated for an Oscar this upcoming Tuesday for their critically praised work this year. It'll be a little easier for her having been nominated twice before, winning at last week's Golden Globes, and for playing the famous and beloved Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn. He, on the other hand, headlines Shame, an NC-17 film where he plays a sex addict, and that combination maybe just too much for the relatively conservative Academy. It's worth it to note that Williams received her second Oscar nomination last year for a film that almost got the "dreaded" NC-17 rating.

In any case, their publicists are doing quite well to keep them both in the spotlight and it's a sexy spotlight indeed. She appears on the cover of GQ wearing nothing but a blonde wig and negligee which are also highlighted within with a few more sexy poses. He has a spread in W Magazine that includes him wearing very little clothing in bed. We can analyze both of these for what it would mean regarding their film careers and/or their Oscar chances... or you know, we can just ogle. I'll choose the latter, thanks. But after all of that, make sure to read the articles, especially the particularly heartbreaking one for Williams.

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