Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pawnee Breaks Bad

The sound I made when Alan Sepinwall broke the news this afternoon that Jonathan Banks would be appearing in Parks and Recreation this upcoming season was practically inhuman. You see, Breaking Bad, where Banks played the inimitable Mike Ehrmentraut, and Parks and Recreation are not just two of my favorite TV shows, but my top two favorite TV shows. Having this casting crossover made my day. It got better when I found out that he would be cast as the father of Adam Scott's Ben Wyatt and that he would be playing a very Ehrmentraut-esque character. Now I wonder what he would think of Leslie or Chris... or even better yet Ron Swanson.

Speaking of Ron Swanson, he's getting a love interest of sorts and the casting people yet again picked perfectly by asking Xena Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless to play the role. This was announced a few weeks ago, but coupled with today's news, I'm now more excited than ever for the new season of Parks and Recreation, which is just one week away! Everyone watch!

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