Monday, September 24, 2012

My 2012 Fall TV Schedule

Even though many shows have had their premieres already, today marks the first day of the official Premiere Week for the new Fall TV Season. So with the Emmy Awards already given out, leaves starting to change colors, and Christmas decorations already on sale, it's time to preview my own personal TV schedule for the next few months barring any last-minute change-of-heart and/or cancellations!


While the show is not as awesome as it once was, there's still precious little to keep me occupied at 8PM to dissuade me to keep watching the possibly last season of How I Met Your Mother (CBS). Similarly, even with mixed word-of-mouth from critics, I'm still going to check out Partners (CBS) right after that. Rinse and repeat with 2 Broke Girls (CBS) in its new time at 9PM whose first season was a mixed bag, but I've grown attached to the two pleasant leads to give them up now. Finally at 10PM it'll be Castle (ABC) versus Revolution (NBC) and if the latter keeps disappointing this fight for my attention will be short-lived.


Part of me realizes that there comes a time when I don't have to keep watching more TV shows. If I gave in to that said then maybe I won't end up watching Raising Hope (FOX) and new show Ben and Kate (FOX) at the 8PM hour. I probably should, because the 9PM hour is already too much for me to handle starting off with two shows that found their funny voice after rocky starts Happy Endings (ABC) and New Girl (FOX). It actually gets more complicated at 9:30PM with three shows I'm interested in watching: Don't Trust the B- in Apartment 23 (ABC), The Mindy Project (FOX), and The New Normal (NBC). Something is going to give way. It's just a matter of figuring out which. It'll probably turn out to be my sanity.


There are a lot of unknowns here for me. I think I've decided to check out the first few episodes of Arrow (CW) at 8PM considering there's nothing else I really watch in that time slot despite me getting lured back (probably) to Survivor (CBS). I'll still watch Emmy-juggernaut Modern Family (ABC) and last year's charming surprise Suburgatory (ABC) in the 9PM hour which also contains Supernatural (CW) which I'm still severely behind on. At 10PM, critics are telling me I should check out Nashville (ABC) which isn't too terrible of a request since I get to watch the beautiful Connie Britton.


This night is always full. I may or may not check out Last Resort (ABC) at 8PM depending on word-of-mouth, but Big Bang Theory (CBS) and the final season of 30 Rock (NBC) will make me unlikely to branch out for a new show. Up All Night (NBC) at 8:30PM is also a likely candidate to be cut off. For 9PM, I'm going to endure one more season of The Office (NBC), but mostly because the Emmy-snubbed Parks and Recreation (NBC) comes right after it. And while I do still watch Glee (FOX) masochistically, I did manage to stop watching Grey's Anatomy finally. Finally, at 10PM I'm very much looking forward to Sherlock Holmes in New York aka Elementary (CBS).


This day may not mean much to broadcasters or mass audiences, but it does contain two of my favorite shows this season. First would be Community (NBC) at 8:30 followed by Fringe (FOX) at 9PM. For the latter, it's definitely its final season. For the first, it very well could be as well.


I would need a second me to watch all the shows I want to watch on this day. 8PM has Once Upon A Time (ABC) facing off against The Amazing Race (CBS) while the 9PM hour pits Julianna Margulies against Emily VanCamp... or Archie Panjabi against Madeleine Stowe... either way, it's going to be fierce with The Good Wife (CBS) and Revenge (ABC) on at the same time. I'm crying with indecision already. At 10PM, I may check out 666 Park Avenue (ABC) if I'm not burnt out by TV by then. And yes, I didn't even mention cable favorites like Dexter (SHO), Homeland (SHO), and The Walking Dead (AMC) on this night as well.

Returning Shows I'm Most Excited About: Parks and Recreation, Community, Fringe, The Good Wife, and Homeland

Returning Shows in Danger of Getting Cut:
Up All Night, Glee, Raising Hope, Supernatural, and 2 Broke Girls

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