Tuesday, September 25, 2012

HIMYM: Less Than Sixty Seconds

One of my favorite parts of last night's season premiere of How I Met Your Mother was the way Barney summarized the entire show (at least regarding Ted's and his relationship with Robin) in under a minute. It's just one of those TV moments that seem like a perfect meld of show, screenwriter, and actor. See the clip below:

While the rest of the premiere wasn't as successful as that little clip, I still found myself cautiously optimistic about this "possibly final" season. But then again I have always been an apologist when it comes to this show. It helps that the episode contains two things I really love: Robin/Barney and the yellow umbrella. The former is an important season arc since they eventually walk down the aisle and the latter never fails to tug my heart strings. Yes, I'm sick of the titular mother still hanging over all our heads, faceless and unknown as she has been since the beginning of the series, but no matter what kind of insane delay tactics the show still has in store of the audience, every episode still brings us closer to hopefully another TV moment and I can't wait. B

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