Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Selling Sex

Two highly acclaimed dramas, a TV show and a film, are hoping that one of marketing's most prevalent beliefs, that sex sells, is true.

First up, the Emmy-winning drama The Good Wife decided to feature the gorgeous Julianna Margulies wearing nothing but black lingerie and a satisfied look on her face in a new ad to promote the new season. Guess they thought they needed to catch people's attention, because the ratings-starved show is not only moving to a new time, but to a whole new day as well. One can say this stinks of desperation, but maybe they're also fighting fire with fire as their main competition is the sexy and sudsy Desperate Housewives. No matter what, this ad is getting a lot of attention and by that barometer alone, it's a success.

Then there's this first official one sheet for the Cannes-winning film Drive and they are obviously putting forth the hunky Ryan Gosling as the main selling point. Many people have already made this comparison, but it all screams Tiger Beat to me from the sexy Photoshopped image of a guy to the bold pink font of the title. To be honest, while I like the risky design (and looking at Gosling), I'm not sure if I like it so much as a piece of marketing for the film. It clashes a bit with the mood of the synopsis and the trailer of the film. I much preferred the darker, more foreboding, poster that was used in Cannes.

But hey, am I really complaining that we're being forced to look at Margulies and Gosling being their hot self? What is wrong with me?


  1. Rewatched season one over the last few weeks, and I've managed to like Alicia a bit more, but I still can't stand Will. I'm hardly interested in THE GOOD WIFE for its love story aspect, but I like Noth and Margulies opposites each other.

  2. @Andrew - I'm glad you're liking Alicia more! I'm a bit neutral on Will. I can take him or leave him. I also don't GET his relationship with Alicia, but whatever.


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