Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kelly Clarkson's New Album Plus Mika & Gaga Music Videos

There's finally some news on the new single and album for Kelly Clarkson. My still favorite American Idol announced today that her new single "Mr. Know It All" will premiere at the end of this month ahead of her new album Stronger which comes out on October 25th aka two days after my birthday (just in case anyone needs ideas of what to get me). While waiting for her new album to finish, she's been singing with country music's newest star Jason Aldean on the beautiful duet "Don't You Wanna Stay."

In other music news, a couple of new videos were recently released. Speaking of artists that we haven't heard from in a while, Mika just today released the video for his French single "Elle Me Dit" (h/t Nathaniel). The singer unfortunately doesn't appear in the fun video which instead feature a Wes Anderson-like family lip-syncing to the words. The song, as is the video, is lovely and ridiculously catchy.

Yesterday, Lady Gaga debut her usual psychedelic and highly stylized video full of crazy fashion and vaguely BDSM imagery for her single "Yoü and I" which is one of my favorite songs from her latest album. While the scenes of her singing with her drag king counterpart were a nice touch, I wished that she had switched the concepts for this and "Edge of Glory." The latter demanded something crazier and more epic than what she ended up doing while "Yoü and I" called for a more stripped down version of Gaga. Still, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that contrasting the video styles with the songs is all part of her Gaganess' plans.

Watch the videos below:

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