Friday, August 12, 2011

Meteors Fall From the Sky!

BREAKING NEWS: "We now know that meteors will land off the coasts of different cities..."

Today, August 12 2011, meteors will fall from the sky and crash-land around the world only for us to realize too late that the meteors are really spacecrafts containing pissed-off aliens hellbent in ensuring humanity's destruction. Or at least posits the film Battle: Los Angeles starring Aaron Eckhart.

You know what's my favorite part about these news snippets from the film? They show the DOW extremely down. So if they accurately predicted the collapse of our economy, should we prepare for battle against some hostile extraterrestrials?


  1. I saw this movie in the theater and thought it wasn't that good. I like the television show "Falling Skies" better.

  2. @Michael - I agree, well about this film not being that good. It was a glorified video game. Still, I remembered that it was set in our very close future and made the mental note to post about it today. ;-)


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