Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bulleted Thoughts on Breaking Bad, True Blood, & Weeds

It's been a busy week, so instead of my usual writing on the shows I've seen, just a few bullet-points for each. Plus I already talked about Torchwood a couple of days ago. Onwards!

Breaking Bad

- I have this sick feeling that Skyler is going to die by the end of the season. She got to see a glimpse of the real Heisenberg and she ran away only to return. Talk about a life or death decision.

- Speaking of Heisenberg, wow to Walt's "I'm the one who knocks!" tirade. Hello, fourth Emmy award!

- Seeing Mike smile in regards to Jesse getting the meth back from the meth heads freaked me out AND warmed the cockles of my heart. God, Mike's going to die by season's end isn't he?

- Gus and Walt are playing the long game with each other. Since the latter is the main character, he'll probably win in the end, but at what cost? At what cost?

- Do we really think those ladies Walt hired to help clean the lab were just sent on a bus? To heaven probably. They're totally dead. Man, it's all about death with me with this show.

- Walt is so very smart, except when he's not. Last week pushing Hank to re-open his case and this week discovering Gus' plan only to push Jesse away some more by insisting this is all about him.

True Blood

- Nelsan Ellis was superb in this episode playing a possessed Lafayette requiring lots of emotions (confused, sad, angry, hurt) and then with one line post-possession able to exude pure Lafayette-ness "You got it, bitch." Also nice to see Jesus flexing his magic. It's been awhile.

- Still think the whole Hoyt acting like an asshole is out of character, but I'm still enjoying Jessica/Jason. How cute was it that he crossed out the "Monster" label on the box full of her stuff from Hoyt.

- Sookie's extended dream sequence with Bill and Eric was supremely lame. Don't get me wrong, Anna Paquin looked SMOKING, but the whole think was a bore.

- Though kudos to the writers for giving us a bit of Sookie/Debbie doing Thelma/Louise. I find Sookie way more interesting when she's in a scene with someone she's not sexually attracted to.

- So is Arlene's baby still a devil baby or was all of the craziness due to Mavis the ghost? If it is, kind of a dead end story line there and just a bit anti-climactic.

- Kind of sucks that Antonia has quickly become such an unsympathetic character. Her blind rage and need for revenge will surely be her downfall.

- Why did Tommy shift as Sam to confront the werewolves? Bravado? Stupidity? Sense of responsibility over him raping Luna? All of the above?

- Nan Flanagan is great. First her scene with Jessica and how she now knows she never wants to be a maker. Then her confrontation with Bill as they all lie in the cell. And finally, her awesome "Jesus Fucking Christ" reaction as Sookie yelled Bill's name at the festival. We've all been there, Nan. She and Pam need to have more scenes together.


- As soon as Silas got friendly with Michelle Trachtenberg's character, I knew it was going to bite him in the ass. Nice twist making her the boss of their rivals though.

- So Nancy is finally free. No more jail, no more halfway house, no need to spy on her boss, no more lesbian lover... back to square one. Yay, I guess?

- The whole episode was actually just that. Silas getting close with the girl and Nancy dealing with all obstacle the entire season has setup for her.

- Oh and Shane is in jail. Took them long enough.


  1. I am NOT enjoying Jessica/Jason. Poor Hoyt. Okay, fine, mean Hoyt but I love Jim Parrack.

    Nan Flannigan is brilliant. Imagine her and Maryann Foster in conversation. That would be deliciousness.

  2. And Walkt pushing Jesse away is so typical of him. I love Skyler, but I feel like the writers still don't use Anna as well as they could and should.

  3. I watch True Blood for the eye candy...that is all :)


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