Saturday, April 30, 2011

TV Report: 4/25-4/29

Insanely busy week + Being sick all week + Absolutely no time this morning = A very shorted TV Report even though there were SO MANY things I want to talk about. Oh well.

GLEE - Overall it was good, but a bit bloated. Was generally wary about the Santata/Karofsky pairing, but I love that the writer's get how similar their journeys are. Plus the Karofsky/Kurt conversation reassured me a bit. Jayma Mays was particular good in this episode as well and the songs were great.

COUGAR TOWN - Remembered enjoying it, but not much else. I know Bobby went to a golf tournament and he crashed out. Laurie tweeted and worked with Travis to beat Ellie/Grayson. Why don't I remember what Jules did in this episode?

HAPPY ENDINGS - The Wayans part of the story needed something more, but I did like the running gag of the father almost dying whenever his son said I love you. The whole "fluent in Italian while drunk" was well done and the whole Nerf gun plotline just made me want to go and get some.

COMMUNITY - Not as AMAHZING as last week's episode, but still pretty good and again Dean Pelton stole the show for me. I like the general resolution to the whole "Shelly is pregnant maybe with Chang's baby." Naming the baby after him was a nice touch. Britta for the win.

THE OFFICE - Oh was there an episode this week? I couldn't remember FROM ALL OF THE CRYING THAT I DID. Was it perfect? No. The whole Andy/Will Ferrell thing always pulled me out, but in terms of Steve Carrell's and Michael Scott's exit? It was almost perfect... and damn tearjerking. My one small complaint was the Pam situation. I totally expected her to already know Michael's plans to leave early and that was why she stayed away all day and he was going to be surprised to see her (with the baby) in the airport ready to say goodbye. Minor thing, but sir you will be missed.

PARKS & RECREATION - Perfect show is perfect. Putting Ben with Andy/April was a stroke of genius and while I hate waiting waiting waiting, I'm fine with what they are doing with Ben/Leslie. Slow burn, but I'm expecting FIREWORKS later, y'hear?

30 ROCK - By the time I got to this I was cried and laughed out so I probably didn't register the episode as it should. Tracy's back and recreates an inside joke, Liz has a fight with a plastic bag, and Elizabeth Banks is captured by North Korea thereby opening her up to do Hunger Games movie.

FRINGE - Perfect show is perfect. Yes, it was a setup episode, but such a good one with a HELL of an ending. I don't even know where they are going with this. Time travel? WHAT?! Every scene with Anna Torv and John Noble (especially together) were brilliant and while the whole "box/key/crowbar/destiny" thing was a bit rushed, I'll accept it.

Didn't have time to watch Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural this week.

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