Sunday, April 10, 2011

TV Report: 4/4-4/8

So weird to only have three shows to watch this past week, but there it is. And I realize that most of my regular shows really only have a handful of episodes left until they go on summer hiatus so I guess time to get excited/savor these last few!

CASTLE - I actually hated the promos for this episode focusing on the silliness that is the Pizza Wars, but within the episode it worked well and by the third and fourth confusion of who all the Nick's were (Authentic Famous Amazing) I just went with it and laughed. That whole thing, of course, was a front to the bigger crime that was drug trading and murder which weaved quite deliciously into the story. By the end though all I wanted was a pizza. I do have to say the whole Alexis storyline didn't quite work for me, but they really have been putting Castle into moments where he pretty much treats Beckett as his "better half" when it comes to Alexis. Very subtle, guys.

THE GOOD WIFE - First things first, that talking lion scene was absolutely brilliant. I was dying from laughter. Like most episodes of this great show, many things happened. We get Julianna Marguilies going up against Michael J. Fox again which is always a blast. We also get Cary finding out about Kalinda/Peter which broke my heart, but that really only leaves one more person to find out (Alicia). I'm not looking forward to that at all. Then there's Alan Cumming and his absolute magnificense as Eli Gold. Once this election ends, I hope we don't see less of him. He just makes every scene/episode better.

BIG BANG THEORY - That was a pretty epic episode, wasn't it? I've said in the past that BBT, especially this season, has worked best when they take advantage of its ensemble and not just rely on Sheldon for most of the jokes. They did this in this episode as the group spread the gossip of Bernadette wanting to break up with Howard amongst themselves which also led Amy/Sheldon to do their own hilarious gossip experiment that they've consummated their relationship. Then to end the episode with Howard proposing to Bernadette and her accepting was just... unexpected and yet somehow perfect. I've criticized this show before for not really make leaps in story/development, but this... this is big. Let's see how they handle it next time.

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