Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doctor Who Premiere Pre-Review

"Amazing. Epic. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Just OMG."

The above was my immediate reaction (i.e. what I tweeted) after watching the first two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who a couple of weeks ago at an advance screening. With the premiere just a few hours away, I just want to unwrap my feelings a bit more in a brief, non-spoilery way...

Amazing. After the months of waiting, Moffat and company didn't hold back in creating another stellar set of episodes that really evoked every kind of emotion. But since it's Moffat FEAR is the main emotion and let me tell you, the main bad guys in this two-parter make the Weeping Angels look cuddly by comparison. In other news though, Matt Smith as the Doctor has never been better and the rest of the cast are all doing impressive work.

Epic. The Doctor is in America and President Nixon is involved in the plot! PLus there's something about an astronaut and a little girl and a cool trick the TARDIS can do that we didn't know before. And there's also the moon landing, a mysterious invitation, a stupid face, an impenetrable prison, a familiar but ominous place, and OMG don't look behind you. And just in case I didn't mention it... the Doctor is in America!

Beautiful. Speaking of shooting in America, they really took advantage of the grand Utah landscape. And while that was expectantly gorgeous, allow me to take a moment to comment on the attractiveness of this cast. Just... yeah.

Heartbreaking. Expect plenty of moments that will make you supremely depressed as the characters are forced to sort of take stock their personal situations. River and Rory actually do the heavy lifting in the "heart" department in these two episodes which filled me with much glee even as much as I love the main duo of Eleven and Amy. What can I say? I'm a sucker for under-appreciated characters. But basically, if you weren't big fans of River or Rory before then get ready to change your mind.

Just OMG. The story never loses momentum, and additionally the cliffhangers to end both episodes will leave fans screaming at their TV screen. I was lucky to see the second episode right after the first, but the bombshell that is revealed at the end of the second episode will render you catatonic. I'm still reeling to be honest. And this doesn't even include the deaths in these two episodes. Yes, deaths. More than one. Wait, what?

So there you go. I think the best way for me to tell you how much I loved these episodes is to express my sincere excitement to see them again with everyone else. With that said, if you haven't seen Doctor Who before I would urge you to at least watch last season first before diving into this one. But if you already have, then tune in to BBC America at 9PM EST and enjoy the ride. Based on these first two episodes, this season is going to be absolutely delightful and torturous in the best way possible.

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