Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just A Quick Drive-By Post

I'm back! After a week off, enjoying a much-needed vacation, regular posting will resume tomorrow with a TV Report of the shows I managed to catch up on this weekend. Then a special "Looking Forward" post where I look at which movies I'm excited about this upcoming summer. Also this coming week, if I can, maybe I'll do a quick entry on the Tony nominations or at the very least another post on the exquisite play The Normal Heart.

For now, with only about 15 minutes or so left on the day, just wanted to wish mothers, mothers-to-be, and maternal folks everywhere a Happy Mother's Day!

Last year, I picked the mothers in Big Love to highlight, but this year I can't pick just one. I mean there's Best Actress winner and mom-to-be Natalie Portman as well as Jane Krakowski who just delivered her first child last month. Then there are the TV moms like Alicia from The Good Wife, Gloria and Claire from Modern Family, Jules from Cougar Town, Shirley from Community, Tara from United States of Tara, and of course the aforementioned moms from Big Love. There's a bunch I'm missing I'm sure, but the sentiment remains the same.

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