Monday, April 4, 2011

Cross-Dressing Streep Celebrates Alma Mater

Vassar College's most popular alumni dressed up as the college's eponymous founder Matthew Vassar for the cover of a very special Sesquicentennial Issue of the Vassar Quarterly.

Meryl Streep, class of 1971, recreates the painting "Matthew Vassar, 1861," executed by artist Charles Loring Elliot, upon the founding of the college. Photographer Brigitte Lacombe shot the two-time Academy Award winner for the cover.

As a fellow Vassar College alum and a huge Streep fan, it was a treat seeing this in the mail this morning. I bet she had lots of fun doing this.

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  1. just found your blog Googling for this cover. I'm class of '79. I bet this entire photoshoot was fun to work on.


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