Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Link Roundup

Attempting to do my first link roundup. It's these people's fault really since they post some quality stuff and I need to find a way to share them with you all. Of course, there's some sad news as well towards the bottom.

Rob Will Review Rob eloquently writes a non-spoilery essay on why you should be watching Fringe. It's what I've been telling everyone, except coherent and well-written.

Encore Entertainment Andrew fondly revisits the scrumptious Pushing Daisies' pilot. I miss that show more every day.

Flix Chatter Ruth lists her 15 favorite period drama heroes and asks her reader to vote for their favorite. I surprised myself when I realized I hadn't seen most of these. I chose Mr. Darcy by the way.

Entertainment Weekly recaps the first episode of Game of Thrones and for someone who has had no prior knowledge of the great world that George R.R. Martin created, this was both informative and funny.

Edgar Wright posts a video of how his film Shaun of the Dead would look like in the style of his other film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. As a fan of both films, I saw this about ten times.

Peter Jackson shares the first videoblog on the set of The Hobbit. It's long, but I was flailing the whole time. I can't wait!

Hide Your Arms has compiled a list of more than 100 Doctor Who T-shirts. The fact that I don't own a single Doctor Who shirt should be grounds for immediate expulsion from fandom. Sigh.

Speaking of Doctor Who, some sad news today as Elisabeth Sladen passed away due to her until-now secret battle with cancer. Lis played Sarah Jane, one of the Doctor's treasured companions, and she did so for a long time spanning decades. She was so beloved that she went on to lead a successful children show spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures. She will truly be missed.

- The official Doctor Who page pays Lis Slader a lovely tribute
- Maureen Ryan over at TV Squad compiles some reactions to Lis' death
- Finally, io9 looks at the legacy that Lis leaves behind

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