Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TV Report: 4/18 - 4/22

Still trying to get over being sick the past few days, but nothing like posting about TV to give me much needed energy and as I said already last week was pretty good, especially the sitcoms.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - You knew it was going to be a good night when they changed up the opening theme to feature the cast as a real-life band. It was one of Barney's lies that he told his father even though we find out in the end that the older man also had a few tricks up his sleeves. I really find the chemistry between NPH and John Lithgow quite lovely and I do hope we get more. The rest of the episode was also enjoyable as the gang tries to live up to Barney's lies about them. Two more things (1) Michael Trucco! and (2) that opening "Who's on First" dialogue about NYC club should automatically be nominated for an Emmy or something. Just brilliant.

GLEE - I found this episode such a chore to get through. Sue is at her cartoonish worse while Will is his usual douchey self (audacity to call Brittany stupid right after he posted a math formula that was clearly wrong). Plus as much as I like Gwyneth, she never really gelled with Will as much as she did with the kids so suffice to say I'm glad she's gone for a bit. The songs were mostly forgettable even though kudos to Mike Chang for his awesome moves. And speaking of, how about Santana defending Kurt/Blaine by fighting off Karofsky. I have high hopes when it comes to this particular convergence of gay storylines. I fear Glee is going to massively mess it up.

MODERN FAMILY - Definitely one of the better episodes of the season as the whole cast was able to be featured and be funny with all the storylines working together. My favorite part has got to be Gloria being over-the-top excited at the possible demise of Cam/Mitchell just so she can take care of baby Lily. Some nice developments on the kids as well as Haley/Alex bond as sisters, Luke shows that he's resilient, and Manny learns to take physical risks.

COUGAR TOWN - I'm so happy this show is back and ABC too since it aired TWO episodes, one on Monday and another in in regular Wednesday time-slot. The first episode dealt with Jules penchant to be overly clingy to Travis so when she discovers that her son is possibly thinking about proposing to his girlfriend, well hilarity ensues. Also the episode contained lots and lots of Penny Can plus the debut of the No-No dance! The second episode was a bit more subdued as Laurie and Jules realize that they've grown somewhat (not totally though!). Overall, just glad to have this show back.

HAPPY ENDINGS - I still find this show absolutely riotous, but I'm trying not to get too attached since its ratings say it'll get canceled. With that said, I plan on enjoying it until it does. And if you asked me a couple months ago whether I would love a mid-season sitcom that starred Elisha Cuthbert over sitcoms that starred Matthew Perry and Allison Janney (Mr. Sunshine) or Sarah Chalke and Judy Greer (Mad Love), I'd have called you crazy. I mean really now a coming out story that felt original in the same episode as an actually funny Hitler/Nazi plot. Not a lot of shows can do that. Also yay for the 24 shout out!

COMMUNITY - I think this episode will be one of the ones people will remember and cherish about this season along with possibly the paintball-inspired finale, the bottle episode, and the claymation Christmas episode. Skewering the tired clip-show episode that was so famous a decade or two ago by shooting many new scenes that supposedly happened throughout the year was genius. It's definitely their most ambitious episode yet as they really had to think about structure and content like never before and the cast and writers did a phenomenal job putting it all together.

THE OFFICE - After this, Steve Carrell only has one episode left. So it's only fitting that his penultimate episode revolved around The Dundies which Michael Scott loves so much. While there were some good moments though, I felt they missed a few beats here and there and Dwight's feeling of betrayal seemed under-developed. I'm sure it'll factor into the next episode though. But with all of that said, who could've stopped from tearing up as the whole office (minus Dwight and Toby obviously) serenaded Michael with their own version of Rent's Season of Love. Wished this moment was built up better in the last two episodes, but it was nice nonetheless.

PARKS & RECREATION - What was NOT to love about this episode? First of all, it was a great episode for Aziz Ansari as we see the height of Tom's doucheyness AND charms. He made me laugh every time he opened his mouth. The burger cook-off between Ron and Chris was predictable, but it was still nice to see the mentor/mentee relationship of Chris/Andy and Ron/April. But finally the reason I'm loving the show right now... BEN/LESLIE. Her asking him out then him awkwardly saying no then her finding out that Chris forbade interoffice relations and then finally that moment when they're eating in front of the field mural they both love? SOULMATES. I can't take it anymore.

30 ROCK - Their 100th episode was probably half an hour too long, but it was still pretty okay. About 25% of the show relied on old clips and with Community skewering the genre only a couple hours before made this show look positively antiquated and out of touch. Michael Keaton's appearance was more a distraction than a plus. But there were still things I liked such as the multiple versions of Jack, anything done by Jane Krakowski and her "hysterical pregnancy," and even a few of Tracy's antics were fun.

SUPERNATURAL - Why isn't this show more Castiel-centric? Every little glimpse we get of the war in heaven is far more interesting than the current happenings with the brothers. I mean I think Rachel's death at the hands of Castiel would've been much more powerful if we actually SEE how it led to that point. But no, let's see the brothers dressed up as hot cowboys, kissing with prostitues, and conversing with Samuel Colt instead. I mean, yes, this was fun, but I miss when this show actually had a sense of urgency.

FRINGE - Another brilliant episode where we see what's happening in both universes. When they do this, it's much easier to see how amazing John Noble and Anna Torv have been this season. We see how completely different their characters are and the way those characters interact with one another. Just think about the beginning scene with a naked Walter shocking Olivia and then compare that to any scene with Fauxlivia/Walternate filled with tension and malice. Other than that, this episode felt a bit like a setup episode to the thrilling last few episodes. Our world seems to be undergoing apocalyptic changes, Sam Weiss makes his comeback, Peter is in a coma due to the machine, and Fauxlivia is being held captive. I CANNOT WAIT to see how this season ends. I'm sure it'll be glorious nonetheless.

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  1. I'm such a Krak-whore. Jane made that episode much better than it should have been and I LOVE the No-No dance. Gah, Cougar Town and Parks & Rec are just great!!!!


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