Thursday, March 31, 2011

March TV Report: Part 2

I'm so bad at keeping up with these TV reports, but I'm going to keep trying. There's actually been a lot of good TV lately. I marathoned the first season of Shameless (US) and also finished up Big Love over the past few days. Thoughts on those two are forthcoming. For now, here are my regular shows that I watched during the past two weeks...

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - Barney finally meets his dad and it's the Trinity Killer! The casting of John Lithgow was a bit of a surprise, but I think the chemistry between the two Emmy-winning actors was just right. That basketball hoop scene is sure to be on the short list of Neil Patrick Harris' Emmy submission clips. The rest of the episode was great too with the rest of the gang talking about knowledge gaps such as Ted mispronouncing "chameleon" and Robin not believing that the North Pole was real. So basically, the episode was aces.

CASTLE - Not much to say really, except I think I'm liking what they're doing with Beckett/Castle. Their relationship isn't really a "will they/won't they" it's more of a "they will when they're ready" type of thing and the show is walking that fine line. It helps that Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are adorable together. The cases themselves aren't really worthy of praise though I do love that I usually can't guess who the killer is until it's revealed.

THE GOOD WIFE - The past two episodes have been super important for Kalinda. Not only did we get a bombshell of a reveal at the end of last week's episode when Blake (good riddance BTW!) told Kalinda about knowing she slept with Peter, but then to see Kalinda trying to keep it all together this week was something to behold. Archie Panjabi is earning her Emmy win this season and then some. And while Julianna Margulies is dependably awesome here, I don't know how this show existed without Alan Cumming. Plus what they are doing with Cary? Just perfect in every way, from his relationship with Kalinda to his interactions with his old firm and Alicia. Though I just wish he'd come back, you know?

MODERN FAMILY - Last week's episode was cute especially Phil/Claire freaking out about Luke hanging out with their elderly neighbor. But it was the gay boys night out that really was a treat since it's been so long since a Mitchell/Cameron storyline was my favorite for an episode. It helped that they had help from Crispin, Longinus, and Pepper (hint: gay friends if you couldn't tell) as well as Jay, but overall fun times!

COMMUNITY - I haven't seen My Dinner With Andre so I didn't get the reference, but all of the Pulp Fiction stuff were legendary. And yet while that was what the promo focused on, I really did like the "deep talk" that Abed and Jeff had, especially Jeff pouring out some of his deepest secrets. Kudos to Joel McHale for pulling them off. Also, yay for all of the Cougar Town shout outs. Of course now we need Abed to actually appear on aforementioned show to make it all the more epic.

- A bucket for my tears! That was what I needed while watching last week's episode! The whole proposal thing wasn't a surprise, but the way Michael Scott did it was just so him and so perfect and so touching. I bet the candles were responsible for more waterworks than the sprinklers they set off in that scene. Steve Carrell and Amy Ryan were phenomenal and both will be greatly missed. And then to end the wholly entertaining episode with the faces of the Dunder Mifflin crew as Michael tells them the inevitable news of his departure was inspired.

PARKS & REC - Another strong episode especially following a nearly flawless one. Most of it again is due to the strength of the ensemble, but I loved how they humanized the Leslie Knope character by her undergoing this mini-crisis of faith. Of course all of the camping hijinks were great and I certainly loved all of the Adam Scott/Amy Poehler chemistry throughout.

BIG BANG THEORY - First things first, kick-ass Penny is an awesome Penny. Also her scenes with Bernadette and Amy has consistently brought me more laughs than what the boys are usually up to and it's the same for this most recent episode. Are the boys shtick getting too tiresome for me? Maybe a little, but a least with most of them hooked up we don't need to have a "must meet girls" storyline that were muddily handled in earlier seasons.

GREY'S ANATOMY - Don't usually talk about this show, but I felt compelled to say something about the "musical event" episode. First, the cast did wonderfully singing. Granted the superstars were, for me, Sara Ramirez and Kevin McKidd, but every single one should feel proud. The episode itself was a bit of a mess. Emotional? Of course since the lives of one of their own AND her baby were hanging in the balance. A few songs added to this, but others didn't. In fact some songs were just plain BAD. They should've trimmed some of the singing and invested more time on the story. But hey, could've been worse I suppose!

FRINGE - First of all, YES FOR THIS SHOW BEING RENEWED! So we at least have one more year of this insane ride of a show. Now there's no new episode tomorrow, but last week's trip to the Other Side will keep its fans going. All of the twists and turns that episode took gave me whiplash. The accelerated pregnancy was horrifying as was the discovery that it was all masterminded by Walternate. Evil, evil Walternate! The Observers are keeping an eye out and Lee/Charlie are also starting to suspect something! Speaking of, Seth Gabel and Anna Torv (who has been on fire ALL SEASON BTW) together is wonderful. Oh and I nearly forgot about the reappearance of Henry! Good ol' Henry.


  1. totally agree with you about castle and How I met your mother...both really good shows.

  2. For HIMYM...the casting for John Lithgow did surprise me too. It was awkward at first, but I easily grew to like it. Good episode, surprising performance by Barney.

    For Community...I thought the episode was slow. It was still funny (the costumes were great), I probably just didn't get much of the references.

    For The Office...just superb. LOVED IT! I agree that the candle overload was SO Michael Scott. Again, totally loved the episode.


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