Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Boy: Jamie Bell

Young Jamie Bell who I have been following since his amazing debut as the titular Billy Elliot in the 2000 film is not so young anymore as he celebrated his 25th birthday today.

Out of the 13 released films he has worked on, I've seen 7 films including his most recent turn as St. John Rivers in the critically acclaimed film adaptation of Jane Eyre. A few weeks ago he also appeared in the lesser acclaimed film The Eagle opposite Channing Tatum.

But despite doing good work (even in a few bad films) since his Billy Elliot days and being one of my favorite actors, it's in my opinion that he has not topped that debut performance. When will he get another great lead role like that? I'd wish he team up again with Stephen Daldry for a period piece where he plays the dashing leading man.

The one project of his I'm most excited about is The Adventures of Tintin, an animated film, so he won't really be on screen. Plus with Steven Spielberg directing and Edgar Wright and Steven Moffat writing, Jamie Bell is not even my #1 reason to see the film. Despite my assertion up top about how not young he is anymore, he is still very much have a lot of years to look forward to. And I'll continue waiting for that next great role until it happens.

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  1. Oh I missed Jamie's b'day! I like this kid, he's just sooo talented. I was miffed that he didn't get the lead in The Eagle, instead they cast that expressionless beefcake Tatum, ugh! I'm anticipating Tintin, too, I LOVE the comics and it's even better with Jamie in the role of Tintin!


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